Tuesday, September 7

it's all in the mind, really

It's the time of organic foods, new age cures and going back to our roots. That may be why Dr. Milton Ayres asserts going back to Amish lifestyles is good for your lovelife. Since that linked URL may not be something you want showing up in a corporate proxy log, I'll reproduce the choice quotes here. For instance, he says that the Amish have a "very horse-oriented rather than car-oriented culture". He also notes
"An Amish man doesn't need to see sexy lingerie to get him excited. He can be aroused by simpler things, like the sight of his wife churning butter or milking a cow."

Of course, it's all in the mind. The Amish alternative to Viagra could well be: "just lie back and think about milking cows and churning butter". Somehow, that doesn't seem quite right.

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