Wednesday, September 8

lean on me

Some people in the department are getting nice shiny new desks this week; so there is lots of bustle... and frequent reminders to get their equally nice new LCDs positioned to avoid RSI and other nasties. I personally seem to have very bad habits working at the computer, but I wonder if these ergonomic experts don't take themselves a bit too seriously at times.

Take for example, the assertion that Michaelangelo's David had bad posture. A statue, a work of art, is critiqued for poor posture. The reasoning is that "some 1.5 million people a year gaze on his naked figure at the Galleria Dell'Accademia, thinking they are viewing the embodiment of the Renaissance ideal of man". Next time I stand around naked, about to use a slingshot on a Goliath, I'll take this guy's words to heart and "evenly distribute my weight". Sure.

I look forward to "expert" comments on the Venus Di Milo next. Ooh, look, no arms. Leaning sideways. Bad. Very bad. Back not aligned with the angle of the neck. Very bad for lumbar muscles. Yeah. Pfft. Puhlease.


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