Tuesday, September 7

lamecraft 101

F0VND D1Z 1N74R4Z71N 11NK 0N H0W 70 B4 13M4; R43D, Z7VDY, 3BZ4RB 3ND PV7 1N70 PR3S71S4... G0 F4R7H 3ND B4 13M4, K???

11NK H4R4.

Translation for the kewltalk impaired:
Found this interesting link on how to be lame; read, study, absorb and put into
practice. Go forth and be lame, k?

By the way, I used Text::Bastardize to generate the actual entry. Ain't perfect, but it's close enough, I reckon. I'm a bit too old to muck around with kewltalk, k? o_0
The script is below (just one minor change from the perldoc example);
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use Text::Bastardize;

my $text = new Text::Bastardize;
while (my $line = <>) {
print $text->k3wlt0k();


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