Saturday, September 11

quizzical postgres

With a fair bit of fanfare, Postgres launched a native Win32 installer sometime back. It's still a beta, though and buggy. After my catastrophe with Cygwin/Postgres, I decided that now would be as good a time as any to upgrade to a native version.

No dice. For my own safety, Postgres will not install on an adminstrative user account. But wait. I'm not an administrator. In fact, I can't create new user accounts on this machine and Postgres insists that I must do. Well, so much for installing on my own desktop. Move onto another machine, that I in fact do administer. After a few inane questions, the installer says "Postgres is now ready to install" and just quits. Er. nothing installed. Hello ? Postgres ? Bueller ? anyone ?

Go back to beta1. That installs. Then I run up against a tricky firewall issue. I need to make the postmaster listen on an alternate port. So, I should launch postmaster manually, from the command line with some appropriate options set. Unfortunately, I need to login as the "postgres" user in order to do so. Then, I remembered runas. Phew. Done. I finally have a working installation of Win32 Postgres 8 running.

The installer is in beta, and I shouldn't be too critical. But for heavens sake, think that people might want to run a development instance without all the security ? Let "power-users" bypass the additional bells and whistles, for heavens sake. The installer is a bit too picky to be user friendly.

and although I refused to publish the results of the latest quiz bandwagon, I do have a couple of other personality tests for anyone who spends a lot of time taking these. Wired examines autism and what highschool stereotype are you.


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