Tuesday, September 14


Apparently, a former Mr. South Africa has found his missing car. Good for him. I mean, who wants a car when it's painted electric pink?. Yuck. Let's call it a Flamingomobile or something.

In other things that make you pink (I meant "think". Really) it seems a new whisky named Flirtation is on the market. I give you three guesses as to it's colour. Yep. Pink. By accident. Instead of pouring the hideous mistake away, as they should have, I think they're just trying to make a fast buck. Next time one of your creations go horribly wrong; for instance, if you burn a chicken to charcoal (this has never happened to me, honest), you don't throw it away, you call it "Dark Chicken" and sell it to all the wannabe Goths. Someone would buy it. No news if drinking this pink whisky colours your tongue (or err.. anything else) pink. Because a hangover just wouldn't be the same without cherry red piss.


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