Monday, September 13

light and chilly

A Chilean postgraduate student who went home 6 months ago came back today. Spent most of the day goofing off and catching up with the man. He had a bucketload of photos. This gallery gives some idea of the stunning views he had captured on film (Yes, I said film. How quaint, eh ?) Take this picture and multiply the view by about ... 10. Breathtaking is the word (or is that two words. Oh, never mind). Maybe I should scan a few after all.

In a followup to yesterday's news about the shocking popularity of beer in Mother Russia, it seems that Mexico (home of Corona) is rejecting the concept of "lite" beers. More power to them, sez I.

And finally, what happens when opposing armies run out of ammunition ? Well, in the old days, they threw food at each other, of course. Unfortunately, what the houses of York and Lancaster thought of as "food" was questionable to say the least. Black pudding or blutwurst is made of congealed pigs blood, fat and rusk wrapped in a length of intestine. That's what they supposedly threw at each other. Actually, that sounds like an early case of using biological WMD to me. Or maybe the soliders got bored and decided to have a gigantic food fight. I mean, soldiers always complain about the quality of their food, right ?
Ah dinna wan nae fockin' black puddin'. Let yon Lancastrian bastids (sic) have et.*

*yes,yes, the accent is all wrong. I know. Permit me some artistic license, will ya.


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