Tuesday, September 14


I've actually managed to write around 500 hi-kwalitee words (ie: not footnotes or "must research further" or "todo: more experiments and nicer graphs" or "why the fsck did I do that ?" comments) for my qualifying dissertation today. I feel all shiny and productive and pumped up about this. I also expect this burst of high morale to last all of ... oh, I dunno ... about 3 hours. At this scorching pace, I may actually finish on time. (cue gasps of shock)

Of course, this rant (it's a rant, dammit. Why else would I blog twice in the space of a few hours?) isn't about my burst of uncharacteristic productivity. Nope. Far from it. It's in fact to heap abuse on the bunch of haphazard, lazy turdburglars who call themselves the Home Office. (yeah, go on and deport me, you <censored>). It appears that I can no longer make it to the wedding in SL. Aargh.

I'm done. I'm off to brood, watch Arsenal play PSV Eindhoven, brood, eat lots of junk food, brood, growl at Salem the cat if he gets in my way and ... did I mention that I'd brood ? Yeah.


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