Wednesday, September 15

new fox on the block

Firefox has pushed out 1.0 preview release (PR). Shockingly, for the first time ever, I actually didn't need to use the elaborate (paranoid) profile backup procedures. Just run the installer, the profile was migrated (or remained the same) and things just worked. The extension authors have largely caught up by now, so all but two of my favourite extensions were also migrated without any user intervention, another welcome change. I've been using 1.0 PR for a full day now.

I still use SessionSaver though, so went over to extensionsmirror, which had a repackaged version. Kudos to Samir Boulema for that extremely useful resource, by the way.

Some notable changes (both good and bad):
The downloads window shortcut has changed from Ctrl-Y to Ctrl-J. Irritating
There is a RSS (live bookmarklet) feature in Firefox now, which appeared in the nightlies after 0.9.3 It goes hand in hand with a built in RSS Reader new in Thunderbird 0.8 Nifty
Find-as-you-type is disabled by default (that was the first thing I changed), but the new search function inside web pages is awesome. Appears as a small bar at the bottom of the page Nifty
I never install Flash on Firefox (and have no intention of doing so), and most Flash enabled pages now give a warning bar on top that says "Additional plugins to view all the media on the page". Rather nifty, but I wish there was a way to turn it off. Need to poke around about:config Hmm, interesting
The auto update and "install only from allowed sites" feature finally worked. I had to manually add "extensionsmirror" to the list of allowed XPI install sites. I've had a couple of spyware XPI install attempts, so this is most welcome Nifty
I've had a few unexplained page freezes (at least one required a full browser restart). Definitely the first I'm seeing that; and I put the earlier versions through a full workout too Ominous
The rendering engine is still a bit weird. Or is it just the broken HTML on Slashdot and a few other places. Oh well. Can't have everything Still holding out hope

Oh and The Oktoberfest kicks off this Saturday in Munich. Where the beer is served in maß and a good time is had by all.


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