Tuesday, September 21

nosing around

Deadline mania has hit. Along with increasing grammatical errors in typed conversations, thousand yard stares while at coffee and a complete loss of my sense of time, I've also discovered that Jamiroquai (link goes to a fansite, the official site is here, but it's a flash laden monstrosity) are good to listen while writing.

Had a near disaster today when I was given an incorrect IP for my test server. I remote logged onto someone's desktop, didn't realize (how could I ? I thought it was mine), nearly installed lots of bits and pieces of software before I thought to check if anyone else was on the machine. Turns out someone else was. Phew. It was an honest mistake, I swear.

The Don has evilly sent me a link to MiniClip, a place for many many timewasting flash games. Hah. My Firefox doesn't have the flash plugin installed. And finally, it turns out wasabi isn't a good decongestant, after all. Translating the scientific technobabble, that means that eating wasabi merely feels like someone punched you in the nose.


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