Saturday, September 18

odds and ends

Today is the 60th anniversary of the Arnhem assault, part of Operation Market Garden. Nostalgic moments for a WWII buff. Saw the veterans being interviewed on TV this morning, and apparently some veterans relived their paratroop jump. Speaking with all the assurance of someone who has no experience whatsoever in sky diving or other aerial pursuits which involve leaping out of airborne planes (or tall buildings for that matter), it's gotta take some gonads to jump into enemy territory. Never mind the heights involved and the fact that a thin strip of silk separates you from a squishy death. If the sods downstairs start shooting up at you, what would you do ? Hang up a sign saying please don't shoot me is about it.

My friend got married today *sniff*. Another man down. And I couldn't be there. While being oddly depressed at missing (yet another) wedding because I was out of the country, I can only send my best wishes; go forth and multiply and may both of you have a long, happy and prosperous life together... *vows to do a toast later on tonight to A. and C.*

And speaking of toasts, as reported earlier, the Oktoberfest kicked off today in Munich. Ah, the memories. Reuters is reporting that a new means of parting gullible tourists from their cash is the Bavarian Slang Aid. Surprisingly enough, Bavarian is (spoken, believe it or not, in Bavaria, the southern regions of Germany) is nothing like German. In fact, it's linguistic roots are closer to Turkish, apparently (or did I mean Finnish). Residents of Bavaria take a positively fiendish delight in speaking the dialect to confuse people.


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