Friday, September 17

the art of spin

There is, as people around the world have observed, a right way and a wrong way to give out news... It's not in what you say, but rather, how you say it. A good marketing person would, the popular (in CIM and MBA classes anyway) adage goes, be capable of selling ice cubes to an Eskimo. Or a portable heater to an inhabitant of Hell. or Texas.

One popular means of spreading the word, as it were, is in the use of the "good news, bad news" meme. You know, paint things so black that when the actual bad news turns up, people actually stop and thank you for letting them off easy. I've wasted a few minutes meandering round the point, generally trying to figure out the "good news" angle in the following article.

Missing hydrogen bomb possibly found

The bad news:
There was a hydrogen bomb (you know, one of those things that a certain somebody invaded a country for) missing. Since 1958.
No one had a clue where it was for (counts on fingers) 46 years.
Recovering the darn thing may cost $5-11 million. When they find it.

The good news:
They may have possibly found it.

In other news, I may have possibly found the answer to "The Ultimate answer to Life, the Universe and Everything". I err.. promise to keep you all informed. No, really. 42 possibly may not be a good answer.

Ah, but to come back to this WMD; who the hell needed Georgia (the state, not the country) anyway.. ? The bomb was possibly discovered there, but after Scarlett O' Hara, what's been happening there ? Nothing. Except possibly a category 5 storm or two. Let 'er rip, I say. This is a fine chance for the US to show that those pesky North Koreans aren't the only ones who can explode stuff. So there. nyah nyah to you, Kim Jong Il.


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