Monday, September 20

ready, fire, aim

The creator of the AK-47 is launching his own brand of vodka. At 82 proof alcohol, the jury is out on which Kalashnikov product will prove to be the deadlier. Now the commentary: Mikhail Kalashnikov produced what has to be the ultimate in rugged assault weapons. The weapon that supposedly can be "dragged through mud, pounded on a rock and still keep performing reliably". How does this translate into vodka producing skills ? This is much the same issue I have with celebrities and authors expecting people to fall in with their political beliefs. Orson Scott Card and Ayn Rand, I'm looking at you. Of course, after spouting off and sounding all self righteous and stuff, I'd still try Kalashnikov vodka for the novelty value. *grin*

In other news: Wikipedia is fricking phenomenal. I knew this earlier (I link frequently to it). Today's gem from the Wikiworld is on company etymologies, basically the origin of some well known company names. Utterly useless, won't help me pass my quals, become rich or famous (unless I play Jeopardy, maybe) but a nice way to switch off writing for a while.

And finally, after a near flamewar on the topic last week (offline), I submit Star Wars vs Star Trek in Five Minutes. Because at least a few of you reading this care. But anyway, the closing quote deserves a much larger font size. Maybe even worthy of enclosure in the <blink> tag.
"In a straight-up fight, the Empire squashes the Federation like a bug. Even with its numerical advantage removed, the Empire would still squash the Federation like a bug. Accept it."
Happy ? I didn't say it, some random chap did. Beam me up, Scotty. Recommence, the flamewar will.


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