Sunday, September 19

caffeine for great justice

There are three of us are writing their theses or quals or whatever at this time. Well, I am sure there are more people, but for the moment, the three of us are the only serious writers in the department during the weekend. We go for coffee breaks together, which leads to some odd prisoners' dilemma situations. Since I don't drink that much coffee unless I really need to. But oh well.

That reminds me of a couple of products that are interesting if you're into the caffeinated buzz. For example, BuzzWater. Yes, there are actually people who brew coffee using that instead of ordinary water. *shudder*. And specialist robusta bean brews found at CoffeeGuide. There was a person who recommended I use "Black Tiger" beans (supposedly 30% more caffeine than ordinary beans) and WaterJoe to brew a guaranteed "stay awake" drink. Fortunately, I haven't needed to stay awake by overdosing on caffeine in a while. This year.

And to end the random rambling, 16 hour work days link up neatly with this story. Apparently, police officers in Seattle bid for the privilege of giving their police chief a shot with the taser. All for a good cause, of course. But can you imagine how embarassing it would be to see a bidding war erupt among your subordinates for the sole intention of administering you 50k volts of electricity ? Forget about those pansy "are you happy with your bosses' performance" copout questionnaires. Just ask them how badly they want to give their boss a shot with a taser. And to paraphrase, who should scape tasering ?


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