Saturday, February 5

it's distro time!

I got loaned a new gadget for "academic purposes" last week and I've been busy trying to figure out the best Linux distribution for it. Linux on Laptops seems to be filled with tales of woe, details of kludges, things that don't work, half hearted power management support and a general hell on wheels approach.

Unfazed, I popped in the live CD of Ubuntu Linux ... boot screen, ok. After that, nothing. The live-CD fell flat on it's face trying to boot. Wow. Umm. Now what ? Dammit. I really wanted Ubuntu on the laptop. Do I pledge my pennies to the mighty conglomerate ? It looks like it. I still have a few more distro options up my sleeve, ranging from Suse to the somewhat sluggish Mandrake.. but, but, but ... dammit. I'm not done yet.


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