Friday, January 28

more leakage

That's it. I've officially dumped Thunderbird, at least for the time being. Nice email client, but I keep getting annoyed at the horrendous memory leak(s) in the mail filtering code.. and let's face it, an email client shouldn't hit 50mb as a process size for any reason. If I wanted that, I'd use Emacs, dammit. I've gone back to the trusty Pegasus. Which seems to have flaky IMAP support, but at least you can leave the mail client running and do other stuff at the same time. Had to combat a brief temptation to be hardcore, before sanity prevailed.

In other news, I opted for the Snake, mostly because... given a choice between two evils, I'd rather pick the one I haven't tried before. Unfortunately, the automatic tendency to type a semicolon at the end of each line is frustrating, but hey, I'm getting there... slowly.

And finally, The Isle of Man is about to have a sex change.. just for the weekend. And yes, it's a sellout, this is sponsored by Yorkie Bars. Incidentally, I've been told that the delicious cocoa-ish smell that wafts over campus most evenings is due to the chocolate factories which are quite close to York.


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