Monday, January 17

changing appearances

Discovered a freaky site devoted to odd coloured contact lens. Expensive, but then, some of the effects are truly ... mindboggling. Reminds me of someone who wore green coloured lens to university a few years back. Mind you, this was Sri Lanka, where almost everyone is born with black hair/black or brown eyes (never mind what happens to the hair colour afterwards). I think I quite like the Demon lens myself.

And in case any food and beverage snobs are hanging around, The Complete Sushi Eating Guide. With what to order, how to eat it and so on. Sri Lankans worried about what their seafood has been eating recently (so to speak) can give this one a miss.

And an interesting scripting problem. Not too difficult, but getting the quickest/tiniest solution proved to be challenging. I have a (vast) number of directories (with sub directories and so on) of arbitrary nesting depth. Each of these subdirectories contain many gzipped files. The challenge is to automatically recreate the directory structure and ungzip all the files, while maintaining their original names and locations in the directory tree. The locations need to be maintained because the filenames can repeat (across multiple directories). The BNC files are distributed in this way. A pain to browse through the directories without using the supplied tools. Automatically, because the corpus contains several thousand gzipped files.

And a final snippet, The Complete Simpsons Guide. Heh. List of chalkboard intros is hilarious, but sadly, not yet complete...


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