Tuesday, January 11


Starbucks has decided launched something that they call Chantico or "drinkable dessert". It sounds like it is in the same category as drinkable chocolate sauce (with added sugar) or chocolate frosted sugar bombs. Well, I'd still drink it. Sending that link to people on a diet is optional, evil, and also liable to result in death threats at the very least.

And still with the food and beverage theme, a food and beverage snob is actually required to do more than turn their nose up at all the food on offer. Who'da thunk it ? And to top it all off, one of those snobbish beverages is supposedly having an image crisis too.

And a few earthquake links, the 9.0 quake decreased the length of the day (by a seemingly interminable 2.68 microseconds) and also rearranged the world map.


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