Wednesday, January 5

politics and vultures

Well, I'm not big on the whole moral outrage business, but since there is a vocal group of people waving virtual "US Marines and Israelis not welcome in Sri Lanka" placards on the internet, I might as well say my piece.

Dear dimwits, please stop. It's not about the geopolitics.

There. I've said it. If I'm mistaken in my views, I apologize, but The Glasgow Daily Record reports on the story here. An earlier interview carried in the Jerusalem Post is here. If someone offers help, take it. If you spurn that help, at least have the intestinal fortitude to dismiss it for reasons less tenuous than "OMG, OMG teh Americans are gonna take us over!!!11one". Were I formulating foreign policy (thank heavens I am not), I'd really question the meaning of a diplomatic tie or political relationship where accepting aid is forbidden because your ally doesn't like the aid giver. Or is the SL government just bending to someone else's realpolitik agenda ?

Flame on.


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