Saturday, December 18

flopping chickens and pudding

More good reasons to eat more chikin, cows are becoming increasing annoyed with humans. You thought mad cows were bad, what do you reckon when a multiton beef machine charges at you ? Yikes.

In other news, also seen on Slashdot, it seems that the HP and Intel collaboration was a flop. One might even call it a gigaflop, considering they were building Itanium products. Geddit ? Gigaflop ? Oh, never mind.

And finally, in the long running series of stories on festive cheer, it appears that putting up puddings on ebay might be a bad move, career wise. Does this mean that people from Buckingham palace actually scour listings on eBay for items ? How does one even find out that a (single!) spare pudding has been offered up for sale.


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