Friday, December 17

Hoaxes and pranks

It seems that the season of festive cheer and much merrymaking has infected many. One guy went on a two week drinking binge and ended up with what should have been a lethal dose of alcohol. Apparently, he'd been singing Rudolf the red nose reindeer when the cops picked him up. Hic. You know what they say about the gods looking after fools and drunks. This guy nicely fits the bill for both categories, I'd think.

And speaking of people who've been thrown into the tank, as it were, one newbie engineer found himself at the barrel end of an elaborate hoax. Unfortunately, his purchase from BAE err.. tanked, else he'd have no worries about fending off bad drivers on the motorways, ever. Of course, he'd have a hefty fuel bill for his daily commute too.

And on the subject of non quotations and jokes, please please tell me that this is a joke. It couldn't be serious. Could it ? Miaow in your replies via comments.


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