Saturday, December 11

getting sorted

It seems that most people on the planet seem to love Eclipse as a development environment. Believe me, I want to. Even on a decently specced out machine though, it just isn't responsive enough to be left open all day. Bah. So, I call shenanigans on this article.

In other news, the Linux install day was today. I just went and lurked around. Unfortunately, most people seem to have more hard disk space than they know what to do with ... on being asked what software they wanted with their shiny new Suse install, they said Why .. everything !?. Older by 3 odd hours (admittedly, the worst case) and with nearly 5GB less hard disk space, they realize that maybe..just maybe they should have been a bit more circumspect.

And finally, it's the end of the official term at York University next week, so the Anime Society traditionally has a freaky screening list planned. They meet every Sunday for around 5-6 hours worth of anime. End of term weekend is usually devoted to the less mainstream forms of anime. By less mainstream, I mean films featuring tentacles.


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