Tuesday, November 30

win2000 floored

In an article linked from various sources, it appears that Microsoft will not issue service pack 5 for Win2000, instead preferring to release a update rollup. Just as well that I am going to move to WinXP tomorrow. Which also means that I was forced to dig through the musty alleyways of my hard disk and figure out what needs to be backed up, and what doesn't. I hate spring cleaning.

It turns out that tequila has an identity crisis (who knew ?); with new flavoured varieties in the pipeline. Flavours cited in the article include the perennial orange and lime flavours (borrowing a leaf from the vodka manual there), strawberry, watermelon (hmm, interesting) and coffee (blech). Ok, so the coffee flavoured tequila might actually be interesting too. Unfortunately, the thought of doing the whole lime and salt routine for coffee flavoured tequila isn't quite as attractive.

Finally, an article which is getting a lot of exposure in the UK this week, geeks are heroes. A developer of the Plone content management system is exemplified as an example of a hidden cog in the feverish global economic engine. Umm. Ok. Interestingly enough, the BBC article defines the term Am-Pro, an amateur doing work to a professional standard. Well, what if the amateur involved is a software developer (ie: a professional) too ? Most of the contributors to OSS (I use the term most loosely here) also happen to be involved in the software industry to some extent. Professional by day, amateur by night ? One annoying nitpick though, the tag line for the image in the article reads: obsessives could be an asset to society. Thanks for the flattering description, BBC.


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