Saturday, November 20

stone the crows

I mean it. Really.

Met up with a few people during lunchtime yesterday. We were all on the usual indecisive what do you wanna eat ? Oh, I dunno, whatcha wanna eat merry-go-round near the food outlets when chix0r yelled "Oh, look. A crow".

The mangy, disease infested, carrion coveting, flying dungheap was calmly perched on the edge of our table, rummaging through my freshly ordered nasigoreng! *growl* This, mind you, was in the Millennium Park food court enclosure, which is covered from almost all sides. As the saying goes, if looks could kill, some fortunate rodents in Millennium Park would be eating crow today. *double growl*

Anyway, if only I had a bit more time on my hands, we could have tested out Ed the Red's theory that crows are immortal.

Hmm, in something completely different, I am headed for cooler climes tomorrow morning. It's been a blast. I daresay I will get around to scribbling my impressions on the SL bloggers; mostly how they deviated from my imagination, some time soonish (which could mean a long wait, knowing my scheduling skillz). I think I've met all of the active bloggers, although that long promised natter with Reg never quite worked out. Oh, well. There is always next time.


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