Tuesday, October 12

all clear

Parkinson got it right; work does expand to fill all available time. Instead of a few relaxed days fiddling about with Ion, I had to deal with issues. Bah.

Also fitted in time migrating from IntelliJ IDEA to Eclipse. Been a while since I ran Eclipse at all and been even longer (not since the pre 1.x days, actually) that I actually thought of it as my primary development environment. There are some very nice differences to be seen, and hey, you can't beat the price tag (free). EPIC and PHP-Eclipse and a few other plugins are quite nice too. Spent too long trying to figure out why EPIC wasn't working properly, but that was my fault (I never completely trust automated installers, prefer to unzip files myself).

Also saw Omea Reader from JetBrains a while back. It's not for me, I don't have the .NET framework on my main machine, nor do intend installing it... but if you're looking for a decent RSS reader that's also free, it may be worth checking out. I did install it on another machine and it seems quite nice, and hey, it is made by Jetbrains. Even if it's only half as good as IDEA, it would still be worth using.


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