Saturday, October 9

would you like some cheesecake with that ?

And The Don submitted his thesis yesterday afternoon. Two copies of a monstrous, hernia-inducing document, three (four,actually) years in the making. What followed thereafter was a long beer and cider soaked pub lunch that dragged on till night. Mixed grills at the Derry rock, by the way.

In retrospect, even our conversation seemed weird (or boring, even). Instead of football and mundane matters, The Don, Chris J. and yours truly, as the remaining hardcore pub inhabitants, spent most of the time yelling loudly about things as diverse (and geeky) as copyright and patents, the upcoming gcc 4 and anime fansubs. We truly lead sad lives, eh ? A few rounds of the quiz machine and then we staggered on to a new Indian restaurant (near one of my longtime favourites, The Fishergate Balti House).

Good food, but unfortunately, also hosting a party for a bunch of noisy chaps who were (seemingly) having a stag nite. A lone female joined that party midway through our dinner; and she turned out to be a stripper. Who then proceeded to put on a "show", as it were, in front of the variously mortified, horrified and indifferent patrons of the restaurant. Oh, accompanied by raucous cheers from the noisy bunch.

No, I didn't fancy any cheesecake with my mushroom puri and chicken biriyani, thank you for asking.


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