Saturday, October 2

a chinese and a sri lankan walked into a pub ...

actually, we didnt. Had dinner at home last night. My soon to be ex-flatmate (from mainland China) is moving further south today. For more research and mysterious work which in all probability have him hunched over a bunch of weirdly bubbling and fizzing test tubes.. or something. I'm sort of hazy about what exactly goes on in the innards of the Chemistry department; and I haven't much desire to clarify things either.

Anyway, as disclosed elsewhere, I bought a hock for casual sipping. All the grapes used in the beverage were German in origin. Then, we made curry, which is supposedly Indian in origin (This guy loves curry). We had the now obligatory beer, Belgian. Then we had the delectable concoction known as Scotch eggs. And other sundries. The highlight of the evening (for me, at least) was when I presented him with a bottle of Sri Lankan chillie paste. He spotted the rather grandiose description on the label.

Look of puzzlement. "We don't have chillie paste like this back home... Why do they call it Chinese chillie paste ? This is from Sri Lanka, right ? ". With any luck, he won't rat out the guys when he goes back home. I think some Sri Lankan chillie paste producing outfit would be very surprised to get a cease and desist letter from the Chinese authorities.

Dear Sir, it has come to our attention that you are misusing the Chinese name and misrepresenting our world famous cuisine. Kindly call your chillie paste something else ... or else. Hu's yer daddy ?*

*no disrespect intended. I got that idea from some satire link somewhere,btw.


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