Monday, September 27

one step closer

The first job in hell week is done. Presentation finis. Well, the bigwigs nodded and smiled all the time, but they're polite geezers, so I expected that anyway. At least no one fell asleep, so I presume that's something to crow about.

In other news, the Don is a big FSF fanatic. He apparently "supports" them by buying something every 6 months or so; which is pretty idealistic of him... Anyway, he heard me openly speculating a fulltime move to Gentoo and my favourite desktop environment. The result: I got a FSF button from him to "push me over the edge of evil proprietary software". I might just switch when I finish this qual, actually. Just that Gaim simply does not compare to Trillian in features. Everything else, I can manage.

And finally, you've heard this joke, I'm sure... you've also heard that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned". With those two pieces of information, this article should make perfect sense. The moral: do not drink with an ex-girlfriend and drive anywhere thereafter.


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