Sunday, September 26

flee, you fools..

The fourth hurricane of the season, Jeanne, is headed towards Florida. Unsurprisingly, this unusually severe hurricane season has people thinking about leaving Florida. I mean, even the most agnostic of the people there would start getting the hint after the fourth deadly hurricane of the season, surely.. or not. The way I see it, there is absolutely no point waiting around for a I-smite-thee sort of event, is there?

Then again, you can never tell. For example, people still live in San Francisco, despite worries of the big one. When I told the Chilean guy about this, he showed me this page, which says that Chile is due for a big one of their own. The Richter scale (for measuring earthquakes) is logarithmic, by the way. Chile currently holds the record for the largest magnitude earthquake ever recorded (details, it was measured 9.6). He says that every 20-30 years, there is a huge earthquake somewhere in Chile along the fault line. He said it very calmly, like "Oh, no big deal". Freaky.

In a man made disaster elsewhere, some volunteers tried to brave two weeks without an internet connection. Ouch. Most of them couldn't handle life offline. Even when it was worth $500 to them. I am completely underwhelmed with surprise to hear this.
update: Take the test to find out if you need to join Internetholics Anonymous. I'll see all of you at the meeting, I didnt bother taking it, I know the result already.


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