Friday, September 24


Saw this neat hack to get a different Main-Class for your jar file. Which means absolutely nothing to you if you're not a Java person. But may quite possibly be the coolest thing I've seen all week, my fridge at home notwithstanding.

One of my favourite jokes (which I told The Don today), is about two Greeks watching the Irish play football. Halfway through, the ref awards one side a penalty. Which is greeted with lots of swearing by the other side's supporters. The two Greeks sit through this, stony faced. A few minutes later, one Greek turns to another and asks,
"Did you know what all that was about ? What were those guys saying ? "
to which the second Greek responds:
"I don't know, man. It's all Irish to me"
Also remembered the topic of humour as covered here.

I'm trying to cheer myself up. Can you tell ? Aargh. I have too many deadlines next week. And on the title of this post, every time the word count of the qual inches closer to the required amount, some judicious editing and perfectionist grammar nazisms reduce it once again.


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