Thursday, October 7

being boring ...

I am in the unenviable state of having work to do; but lacking motivation to start on the really big jobs. I'm just nibbling and nudging away at the corners of what I want to do. Miyamoto Mushashi seems to think it's a viable strategy... He called it "injuring the corners". Yes; for the first time in a long while, I've actually read something that isn't even vaguely related to my research work. Damn, it felt good too.

But life is boring too and boredom is the key theme in this blog post. For instance, take the 10 most boring sports personalities. The writer of that article included Anna Kournikova (available at all good image search engines in your neighbourhood). And then wimped out by apologizing for the inclusion. And swore that he is, in fact, happily married. To a female.

And on the subject of boredom, apparently, some random Malaysian chappie got married to his ex-wife. Which is cool and all that, if it weren't for one tiny detail. He married 51 (yes, fifty one) other women inbetween.
"If I like a girl, I'll ask for her hand in marriage. I don't like flings. I also don't believe in marrying more than one woman at a time"
Words of wisdom to live by. Well, the last I hear, this saga was going to be turned into a romantic movie (ala this one maybe ?). Jennifer Lopez to play the lead female role. No, really. We could have a hit on our hands, people. The Titanic was for wimps. Freezing cold water, pshaw. Icebergs, phooey. How much more romantic is this:
I married 51 other women, baybee. But they're nothing like you. I spent 47 years hunting for the perfect woman. And then I remembered. Hey, I was married to her before. Second time's the charm ?


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