Wednesday, October 6

scott adams got it right ...

It's funny to me that I have to prove to the banks that I'm honest.
Not amused by the number of forms that I have to fill out for small things. And add the sneaky small print on the credit card agreements that push 20% interest on unsuspecting folks and you have yourself a party. There are distinct advantages to remaining a Luddite. And let me not get started on the redtape nightmare and plain suckiness that is HSBC lk. Ugh. Pity I dont have any choice or I'd switch in a heartbeat.

In other news, my hitech conveyance (known to others as a bike) had it's front light stolen last night. It was bolted on so tightly that I couldn't detach it, even if I had wanted to. Didn't stop some vindictive nutjob from breaking it off the handlebars and carrying it away. It was parked right in front of the CS building. CCTV cameras ? anybody ? Aah, forget it.

And in slightly more cheery news, it seems that Google has finally seen the light and announced a bunch of new features (link goes to The TechInfo Blog). Another nice Googlegossip site is InsideGoogle. They have detailed info on how to make the official Google sanctioned Gmail Atom feeds work with Firefox. Official newsfeeds for Gmail mean that gmail2rss can be laid to rest. When Gmail-Atom works for everyone, that is.


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