Monday, October 11

and so it goes ...

Murphy still hasn't abandoned me. During the visit to Liverpool (which took the entire day), I had three trains cancel on me (and had to come to the department very cold and tired), had the Home Office computer system go crazy (and thus spend about double their normal waiting time twiddling thumbs).

But it's over at last and I got a chance to do what I really like in the bargain. Have no planned agenda, have no companions (to tug and point and say ooh, look); just be on my own and explore a new city. Leisurely, stop and gawk at things most others would consider mundane... that's how I like exploring. Liverpool actually does deserve more than the four or five hours I had to spare, though, which was a pity... after York, I was quite prepared to be bored, but as it turned out, there were plenty of things left to do and see when I had to actually head back to the station. I liked what I saw of The Cavern Club, even though I'm not much of a Beatles fan. Then, there was this interesting mix of architectures, something a bit like the old buildings in Fort (The old Cargills building, for example) mixed with a few statues that looked straight out of Rome. There was also another bar/grill thing named after John Lennon that was playing Saltwater, one of my nostalgic favourites.

The highlight of the day though, was the controversial "My Mummy was beautiful" art campaign by Yoko Ono. I saw the banners everywhere, and perhaps ironically, the first place I noticed them was against a backdrop of a Marks and Spencer display window... which had much larger sized female models wearing skimpy lingerie. Double standard ? People accept page 3 girls now, don't they ? Oh, and I picked up a 2004 edition (nearly new) of The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations for a trifling £6. Woohoo. Used bookstores in Liverpool rock. It almost made up for not being able to find a good tshirt to bring back.


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