Wednesday, October 13

mixed up

Thanks to some peer pressure last night (not to mention a truly bizarre threeway conversation), I have finally installed the new Yahoo Messenger client on my machine. I still don't get (as in understand the reason for) avatars and audibles; but oh well; Launchcast makes up for it.

Still getting used to Eclipse. I'm probably being picky, but something about that environment doesn't feel right. I am tempted to revert back to older, more familar territory. What The Pragmatic Programmers say is quite true, though. I spend most of my work day staring at an editor of some sort. Learning how to use it better is an automatic gain in productivity, and a nice editor is a comfort zone in itself. I just don't get that with Eclipse. Yet. Maybe I should just go straight to another OS ?.

And in case you feel snappish when you're stressed out, well... there is a scientific explanation of sorts for it here.


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