Monday, November 29

pencil pushers should be sent to Nauru

Pencil pushers, aka red tape artists, aka managerial types who demand letters where emails would suffice. That type. My access cards to the department expired last month (I didn't realize); and now I'm forced to borrow cards from various folk and/or wait when the doors are unlocked (as they are during weekdays, working hours) before I can get in to the department. A simple email wasn't enough to get the security manager to reset my card. I'd curse and swear at the guy online, but never mind. I'm chillin'.

Anyway, about Nauru, it's one of the republics featured in the story about the geography olympics (link to site is here). They should have asked about Sri Lanka, I tell ya. Many many people assume it's an adjunct of India. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the British don't make that mistake; but most other nationalities do. Count it as one of my pet peeves (*glares* No, I am not an Indian)

And in a wonderful discovery, I see that Channel Five carries Monday night football and other NFL season games. W00t! Unfortunately, they're only broadcast at about 0100 or so. Ah, well, I can always turn up at the department an hour or two late, right ? who's going to notice ?


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