Thursday, November 25

lugging and fridges

The York LUG (that's Linux User Group, if you care) is organizing an installday next month. Along with the predictable uptick in mailing list traffic; I have a couple of choice quotes that are almost guaranteed to rouse the die-hard Linux fanatic to fury.

Joe-LinuxUser: (proudly) Oh, hey... you know what, I had an uptime of almost 10 days before I had to upgrade the kernel
You said 10 days ? not months or years ? Eh, wot ? My miserable Win2000 desktop stays up longer. Well, it's a kernel upgrade, so that makes it ok.

Same Joe-LinuxUser: Could you please print X posters about the installday ? I can't seem to get *waves hands wildly and mumbles* working ... so I can't use the colour printer on the network.
You don't see the irony of printing posters for a Linux installday on a Windows machine ? No ?

Having repeated all of that for someone's amusement (mine, at least), I do have to add the disclaimer that I work quite a bit with Linux and prefer it... in most situations. But I ain't switching till Gaim or Kopete or something else is as good as Trillian. There ya go. Well, at least this is (probably) less offensive than potentially insulting a LK-LUG bigwig by calling Linux an oligopoly. Yeah. I did that. Not more than two weeks ago. If looks could kill, I'd be penguin fodder right about now. Ugh. I hate herring too.

Since I've been having sanitary issues with my fridge, this article seemed oddly appropriate. There was a time (when I was elbow deep in mould and slime) that I contemplated throwing the old fridge and buying a new one. Sanity (and my wallet) prevailed.


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