Friday, November 26

random snippets

A while back, Forge and yours truly were having an edutaining (educational and entertaining, sheesh) discussion on the sloth. No, not him or even him, but the furry animal. One of the lesser known facts about this intriguing animal is as follows:

Sloths move only when necessary and then very slowly: ... while they sometimes sit on top of branches, they usually eat, sleep and even give birth hanging from limbs. They come to the ground, to urinate and defecate, only about once a week

Obviously, this isn't a fact that is widely publicized and I'm pretty certain it won't be making the standard coffee table guide to the Sloth, as it were. How did I recall this detail ? Well, it turns out that the panda can teach the sloth a thing or two about creative pissing. Headstands, to boot. Other than the astonishing err.. restroom antics of the panda; which were hitherto unknown, this article also caused voyeurs everywhere to ask "where can I get me some of that teensy weensy camera ? I have a few ... pandas I want to observe myself".

Onto something possibly related (I really wouldn't know), but it turns out that some codebreaker chappies have made a breakthrough in discovering the meaning of the initials carved on the Shepherd's Monument (article here). Anyone remember the Priory of Scion from Da Vinci Code ? Well, the initials were supposedly carved by a member of the sect; hence its significance. The message apparently reads Jesus H Defy. From there on, straight to the Straight Dope.


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