Friday, December 3

objects in the rear view mirror ...

I misinterpreted the headline on this story. My reactions on reading the headline "Bush mum on whether Annan should resign" was as follows:

*blinks feebly*
Eh ? Why does the Jamaica Observer care what George W.'s mother thinks about Kofi Annan ?
*blinks again*
Oh. Whoops.

Speaking of the Jamaica Observer, I heard the worst rasta accents ever in Marked for Death on TV last night. Yeah man. Whatcha sayin' maan. Aiyrie. Or something like dat. Serves me right for resorting to the TV when I'm bored.

And now for my obligatory whine about the weather, it seems that York had a temperature of -6C last night. Someone has even done the glacier map. Apparently, the vale of York was all one big ice dammed lake. Pretty much the way it is now, really.


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