Tuesday, December 7

extra cheese topping, please

AP is carrying a story about the worst movie lines ever. Like any poll, this is the chance to cue the obligatory whines about missing options.

My entry (entries, rather): Anything that Hayden Christiansen said in this movie. I have a theory that the entire fricking movie script was actually written by a cheese maker in Wisconsin. It certainly couldn't have been cheesier for another reason. Then again, how about the (very few) lines uttered by van Damme ? Hmmm. Well, at least van Damme beats up a lot of very bad people. Invariably. In each movie. What's Hayden Christiansen's excuse ? Huh ?

In other news, looking forward to The Heist on TV tonight. Partly because the intro music is the extremely listenable Fools Gold by the Stone Roses.


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