Sunday, December 5

gone batty

Battology is a word. Yes, battology is a word. I meant, battology is a real word. And these three sentences should give a hint as to it's meaning. No, it has nothing to do with bats. And since I was watching way too much TV last night, I can also tell you that batology (note the spelling) is a word as well. Nope, has nothing to do with bats either. These are some of the things I do while I wait the eternity (or so it seems) for my machine to be returned from the upgrade. While I'm not watching brain rotting television or surfing aimlessly, I'm praying to the saint of computer hardware. Generally, when machines go for an upgrade they come back with a hard disk busted. Or with memory popped out of the slot. Or some other catastrophe.

Been fiddling around with Lua recently. It's a very small, extremely flexible and extensible scripting language. Unlike it's bigger, better known cousins, Lua is a mere 200k shared library for embedding (yes, that's kilobytes). I wouldn't be considering Lua at all if it were not for World of Warcraft. It seems that all aspects of WoW can be customized using Lua. So much so that people have apparently started writing bots that repetitively do certain tasks (like killing smallish monsters or gathering items) and then selling the proceeds on eBay. Ah, if only I were not vehemently opposed to the concept of a MMORPG in the first place.

By the way, battology is a word.


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