Friday, December 10

dude, where's my santa ?

It seems that a researcher with a knack for seeing the obvious has published a scholarly review on the origins of the word dude. He plans a trifecta by exploring the origins of chap and fellow next. Anything to avoid doing real work. Oh, wait. That's me.

In a follow up to the dual purpose laptop story (they can also be used to roast nuts) from yesterday, an enterprising company in Birmingham has errr... risen to the challenge; at least where their advertising is concerned. Unfortunately, some people in the area aren't exactly going Ho ho ho at the result.

And finally, first we had Google Scholar, now we have the extremely cool Google Suggest. Which pops up a drop down list and tries to autocomplete what you're trying to type in as a search query... It apparently offers suggestions based on popular search results and their indices, and not using your personal search history. Looks neat. Maybe it can be incorporated into their conventional search engine soonish.


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