Monday, December 13

a blowout

Ever wondered about mixing wasabi with redhot chillie paste ? You get the sharp sinus piercing scorcher of the wasabi, compounded with the fiery taste of the chillie. Good stuff.

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a tightrope walker who feels his rope giving way under his feet ? No ? Neither have I. But the concept of losing support is covered by (who else ?) The Sun. With diagrams. To quote from the adjunct to the actual article, this situation actually could leave a girl feeling a right tit. No, not the sort that goes tweet tweet either. One err.. wonders what will pop out next.

On a slightly more technical note, been giving Cloudscape a bit of a testrun these days. And I've been a bit underwhelmed, to say the least. The only thing different about this small footprint database is the fact that IBM developed it. Still going to stick to HSQLDB for the foreseeable future, I think.


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