Tuesday, January 4

here, fishy fishy

Eating fish in Sri Lanka may be a health hazard. Or is it ? I'd definitely be squeamish at the prospect, except for one small detail. I don't eat fish anyway. Er. Wait. Fish includes cuttlefish and prawns, right ? Dang it. But at any rate, I found the article notable for the quoted comments of one chappie, supposedly the head of the Disaster Management Center.

"Naturally, the fish would have attacked some of the corpses ..But people shouldn't worry. It's like eating pork. Pigs eat all the rubbish. But we eat pork, don't we?"

In related news, The Dale Carnegie Foundation has offered this genius a book contract. The title ? "Bad examples are better than none at all: How to make people feel comfortable about the food chain".

In other news, Indian authorities (whom I shall collectively call Sherlock) deduced that tribesmen in the remote Andaman and Nicobar achipelago had indeed survived the earthquake and ensuing tsunami. How on earth did they know ? The tribemen had shot arrows at the relief flight, prompting this terse and utterly unobvious deduction.

"... the authorities say the attack is a sign that they have survived".
Well, at least they've ruled out arrow shooting palm trees.

And some aerial pictures courtesy BBC. More widely circulated pictures are here, courtesy DigitalGlobe.


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