Tuesday, December 21

its all weird

Weird and unlikely stories of 2004. Some of them, I've mentioned already. In other news, it appears that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be released in July. Hmm. No real news on the spoilers yet, but I'll probably start reading the newsgroups again.

And on a more technical note, I noticed IBM's reflexive interface builder, a GUI builder which describes the layout and widgets using a XML document. It doesn't seem very good yet, but it's an interesting idea. Most of the other GUI builders seem to spend way too much time on generating mounds of Java code (JBuilder, I'm looking at you), or generate a dependency (IntelliJ's GUI builder requires a jar file to accompany your own GUI app). The question is, will parsing and loading a XML document allow all the interface tricks, and more importantly, will it slow down an already sluggish Swing interface ?


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