Friday, December 31

its a joke ... laugh

A man walks into a bar and annoys a guy who is already seated at the counter.
"Hey, dumbass. That's my hotdog you just spilled"
The first guy gives the annoyed patron the finger.
"Bite me, Wiener boy"
The annoyed patron does a Homer Simpson drool: "Mmmm. Fingers. " and snaps at it. That'll teach the first guy to keep his fingers to himself.

On a more serious note, here's hoping that 2005 brings comfort and succour to those in need and health and prosperity to all (at least in relative terms). To all the people on my IM contact list (and everyone else!) who've been spending their waking hours packing and heaving emergency supplies into vehicles and generally helping out with the relief effort, you guys rock and you're doing a great job... Wish I was around to help.


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