Friday, January 7

tshirt obsession

I have this preference for tshirts with slogans on them. No, not advertising claptrap. Nor is it ones with a a trendy political message. Just weird tshirts. Most of it with slogans that appeal to my warped sense of humour, like this one or even a widely circulated flowchart tshirt. Or an old Intel logo ripoff. Now it turns out that there is an entire blog devoted to tshirts. Weird ones, cultish ones. Ones that you'd not be seen unconscious in. Ones that you'd err..recycle into underwear. And people wonder why I'm still a starving student ... *sigh*

And on a slightly different note, my favourite online publication, the Weekly World News reports that porn stars will be honoured with postage stamps. Gives a whole new meaning to the (hygenically questionable) practice of licking stamps.

And finally, 6 years after the fact, I have discovered XPath. I now want a refund on the time I spent writing lowlevel XML parsing logic. Oh well. Live and learn, eh ?


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