Saturday, January 8

the odds

of dying, for a US resident. Tsunamis come in a very distant last, with odds of half a million to one. Make that all natural disasters and it jumps to 3000 to one. Well, one of my lecturers used to joke about trends and odds by pointing to the example of a Christmas turkey. Fed and pampered from birth... till the day before Christmas.

However, the Canadian arm of Toyota is taking no chances and announced that it would rename a popular model of sports car from "Tsunami" to the bland "Sports Package". Well, I can't say I disagree with that at all. But a followup, id Software announced that it was renaming a recent hit game to the "Blood Gore and Rocket Launcher package". Err.. wait.

In other news that defies the odds, it seems that a record Irish bank robbery might actually be defeated. The Belfast bank has vowed to recall and reissue all banknotes to prevent the crooks from profiting from the crime. Umm. Well, at least the robbers won't run out of toilet paper in the short term then, huh ?

And finally, since I seem to be in a mood for gawking at train wrecks, I will link to Don't go there without preparing to come away feeling profoundly depressed.


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