Thursday, January 13

who are you ?

It was a classic story, told and retold over many millennia. Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl marries boy. A baby is born. On Christmas day, no less. Then the whole tale takes a twist. Because in their infinite wisdom, the parents named this unfortunate child Yahoo. Not Yahoo!, but Lucian Yahoo. The parents are from Transylvania, if that's relevant. Now consider the possibilities. This innocent child was named thus because his parents met on Yahoo. This could be the start of a whole trend right here. Meet over MSN, call your kid Microsoft (and he'll probably find himself the target of Viagra spammers). Meet on Orkut, call your kid that and don't ever travel to Finland. Whatever happened to safe, traditional Transylvanian names like Dracula ? Or even Vlad ? Er.. wait. On second thoughts, maybe Yahoo isn't such a bad name after all. Think of his email address (on Yahoo, obviously). ? Yes ? Free advertising.

And an interesting article on Starbucks and two phased commits.

And finally, in a list of repeat offenses that you'd rather not be caught for, bestiality would be somewhere near the top.


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