Wednesday, January 12


Waiting for my CD spindle to arrive, so I can back up the hard disk and experiment with another Linux distribution. I was thinking of a hardcore Gentoo installation (compile it all from scratch, -O3 gcc switches and the like), but all the cool kids seem to be moving to Ubuntu. Being the trend terrier that I am, I thought... hey, why not. Some screenshots can be found here, and there was also a controversy over the desktop wallpaper a while back, to whet my curiosity. A slightly toned down image can be found here.

In other news, cheaper iPods and mini Macs were announced recently, making those devices accessible (maybe) to even starving students. Of course, I've actually used Mac OSX for a few days and I was left curiously unmoved (and the lack of a right clickable mouse drove me to distraction), but hey, it might yet grow on me.

And finally, it's completely unconfirmed, I can't replicate it but someone is reporting that gmail is hackable. Not much can be done from the point of the users, but it's worth reminding never trust sensitive information to email. And that meshes in nicely with how to secure Thunderbird email with OpenPGP.


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