Saturday, January 15


I hang out with a couple of people (and know quite a few more) who think that they're body height/weight ratio challenged. It annoys the heck out of them that I seem to have the opposite problem, looking vaguely starved and emaciated and still eat like a compulsive eater making up for lost time. But even I wouldn't want to eat 11 pounds of food in 3 hours. That's 6 pounds worth of burgericus giganticus and 5 pounds of fixins. Has anyone noticed that skinny folk seem to eat more ? This record in gluttony meant that the winner got to eat 10% of her body weight in one sitting. And all she got (as the popular saying goes) was a lousy tshirt. Oh, and twenty five bucks.

And in a different sort of excess, Rwanda is faced with the inverse of a class action lawsuit. The judicial authorities have to figure out how to prosecute one million people. That's apparently 12% of the population.

And finally, on a lighter note, a three month long poll has yielded the list of all time favourite Scottish bands. The winners happen to be the only band I don't recognize in the top 10. Go figure. In other information, Wet Wet Wet are over rated at No. 4, Eurythmics probably got what they deserve at No. 38, Snow Patrol are probably ok at No. 14 if it weren't for the fact that Franz Ferdinand are one notch below them.


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