Thursday, January 20

inbuilt repellant

Turns out that some humans attract mosquitos more than others. A new all-natural insect repellant is being developed as a result of the finding. The problem that I can theorize about is that less attractive doesn't mean being completely immune. When everyone starts wearing this fancy repellant, the mosquitos are just going to do the insect equivalent of holding their noses and digging in. Sort of like how people must eat durian.

And if anyone is in the least inclined to form a band, the Swarming Midget archive is where you should look around for a name. Or here. Because a band named "LadyMonkey" is a guaranteed huge hit, obviously.

And the sparseness of this entry can be explained by this comparison of Java XPath engines. I've been using the libraries for most of the day. Deep frozen turkeys probably move faster than a Java XPath library crunching a largish document *sigh*.


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